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Being that this is my first blog post. I think I should set your expectations for what this is and what this isn't. This blog will be a place for updates about my shop, current projects, maybe some family updates, and even a tip or two that relates to my current work (roughly bi-weekly). It is not a place for articles a bot has pulled from the internet it thinks you might click on.

That being said, let's get into it.

Lately, not a lot of products have been getting made and since this is my 6th year in business I'm not surprised. January is generally a "maintenance month" for my business. Most people and companies spent what they wanted to before Christmas and they have to gear up for the new year.

I spent the first part of January improving parts of my website that needed some love. The biggest issue was that I can make a lot of different things, but my online store only showed a very small amount of what I can do. So, I listed many more items of varying materials to illustrate the range of capabilities available.

I also shot new listing pictures for the new and existing products. The goal there was to have a human holding the item in such a way that anyone could get a sense of its actual size compared to an average (roughly) person. My model for most of these pictures was the only regularly available person I have, me. 

Recently, I finished a prototype puzzle for the Community of Christ Church. Now, this isn't like a 500 piece puzzle. Think of a toddler puzzle with large, simple shapes. They wanted something that they could use as a visual aid while explaining their mission at events. The whole thing is 20" x 16" so can easily be viewed at a distance. I have to wait a bit to find out what changes are needed, but I'm pretty happy with the first iteration.

On a personal note, we found out earlier this week that our almost 9 year old dog, Walter, has a mass roughly the size of a volleyball in his abdomen. The mass combined with his bloodwork makes for a very unfortunate diagnosis. He is not in pain, and from what the vet says, he will not be in pain. He just seems very tired. We are not ready to say goodbye. I'd have to say this is one of the more difficult things we've had to navigate with our 4 year old daughter, Violet. Right now, she knows he is very sick. I don't know how we'll handle the next conversation with her, but she's stronger and more capable of understanding than some may assume.

Just so I don't leave on such a sad note, I have had an inquiry for wholesale pricing on tumblers for a Cadillac, MI gift shop set to open this year. And it looks like I will now be providing the closing-gifts for a local realtor! She gives Yeti brand tumblers with her logo on one side and the families' name on the other. So good things happening there.

What does Gray Fox say?

"Thank you"


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It brings me great joy seeing you and your business prospering as it is. Keep it up man! Let me know if you need a shop kid to sweep up from time to time ;)


Praying for you and your family with Walter and very happy to hear the business is doing well! Keep up the blogs, they are a great idea!


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