• Gray Fox Woodworking is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The owner, Eric, knows Byron Center, Michigan as his hometown.

    A message from the Owner, Eric:

    Welcome to Gray Fox Woodworking! Let's get the introductions out of
    the way. My name is Eric Gray. My wife is Anne (Fox) Gray. And our
    daughter is Violet.

    The eagle-eyed of you may have picked up on where I got the name for
    the business. My last name and my wife's maiden name just went together so well. It's like it was meant to be!

    I come from a family of makers of all types. Welders, blacksmiths,
    shop teachers, sewists, quilters, musicians, etc. It took me a long time
    to figure out where I fit. I played the trumpet, won a filmmaking
    competition, started a photography business, and even built a photo
    booth to rent out. The thing that really put woodworking into my head
    was once my wife and I bought our first house. And let me tell you, it
    was a fixer. Not as bad as some we'd seen, but still more than your
    average person would be willing to take on with a budget of basically $0
    to pay for labor. With the help of family, friends, and many, many
    Google's and Youtube's I was able to get our house where it needed to be
    (but let's be honest, it isn't done yet). As I acquired more skills, tools,
    and experience I eventually decided to build a company. It's been the
    second-best pivot I've ever made.

    I am always excited to make something new. Whether it's an idea I came up with or helping someone else make theirs.

    I look forward to making something for you.

    Thanks for stopping by!

    -Eric Gray