Business2Business Wholesale Program

My new “Business 2 Business” program allows business owners the flexibility to order promotional and incentive items from a reputable wholesale supply company through me and enjoy the advantages of wholesale and volume pricing.

Program Overview:

-Send me your logo or design to be engraved. (black and white only, no gray)

-Pick your item(s) from the wholesaler web site, send me the SKU(s). (

-I will send pricing and quantity discount info to you as well as the price for engraving.

-Place your order with me.

-I will send in your order once payment is received.

-The order will be shipped directly to me for engraving.

-Pick up your order for free once completed. (Shipping available at your expense.)

Why is this better than ordering with any other promotional product seller?

You receive the promotional or incentive items you want, with no minimum order requirements at wholesale prices that are laser engraved by a local company you know and trust.

Program Details -

  • Email me the artwork for your logo or design ( Your design MUST be black and white (no gray). File types accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .webp, .png, .svg
  • Go to the website (I have NO affiliation with this company.  I have ordered products from them for over a year and have found they have quality products for fair prices and excellent customer service.)
  • Browse through their large selection of products.
  • Send an email to with the SKU numbers for each item you are interested in.
  • I will respond with a quote including JDS’s pricing and quantity discounts as well as my engraving cost.
  • Once we finalize your items and quantities, I will send you an invoice for your total personalized order.  I require 100% payment of the invoice before I place the order with JDS.
  • After I have confirmed receipt of payment, I will place your order with JDS Industries.  Make sure you order at least 2 extra of each different item (including color) for testing and a proof sample.  If you are re-ordering an item I have already engraved for you, I will let you know whether I need additional pieces or not.
  • Note on JDS Industries’ shipping policy.  They offer free shipping on orders greater than $99.  Otherwise, they charge their shipping fee for orders of $99 or less.  I will include their shipping charge on your invoice if the total of your items does not exceed $99.
  • Your order from JDS will be shipped directly to me.
  • I will email you a photo of the front (and back if applicable) of the first completed item to make sure it meets your expectations.
  • Once your project is completed, I will notify you, and we can make arrangements for pick-up. (or shipping)

Quality Assurance:

  • If I find what I consider flaws/damage on any of the items you ordered, I will contact JDS Industries’ Customer Service for replacements.  I have found they typically send replacement items in a couple days.
  • Occasionally, stainless steel items with a powder coating will have flaws in the stainless steel under the powder coating that only show up after they are engraved.  If I encounter any obvious flaws in the items after engraving, I will let you know, so that you can decide whether to order replacements or not. I am not responsible for variances or  imperfections in natural materials such as wooden frames, leather goods, slate, cork, cutting boards, etc.
  • If you have problems with any of the products you receive from JDS Industries, I will address those with JDS Industries on your behalf.
  • Since you are placing a custom order, I do not offer refunds.

Business2Business Pricing and Example

  • $2.00 per laser engraving minute (30 second minimum.) 
  • $25 laser set-up fee (per unique product.)


24 Polar Camel 20 oz. Tumblers

With Silicone Grip 24 @ $8.35 $200.40

Laser Time 24 @ 4 min. @ $2.00 $192.00

Laser Set-Up   $25.00

Sub-Total $417.40

Sales Tax*   $25.04

Total Order Price $442.44

Price Per Unit before Sales Tax   $17.39

The MSRP of this tumbler without engraving or sales tax is $31.  My laser fee added would make this tumbler MSRP $37.00 plus the laser set up fee before tax.

The average ETSY price for this cup engraved on one side is $19.75 plus shipping which ranges from $6 to $9 each. The Amazon price before sales tax for this tumbler is $30.44.

*Sales Tax - If you are purchasing items for resale and give me a State of Michigan Resale Certificate, you will not be charged Sales Tax.

Find the SKU

Once you find an item you're interested in, send me the SKU. In the example to the left, the SKU is LTM5501.

I'll send you the pricing info

Once you send me the SKUs of all the products you're interested in then I'll respond with the pricing and quantity discount info they provide.

Call me directly at: (616) 821-1890 or fill out the form below.