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You know what's not fun? Talking to a person interested in what you have to offer, giving them more information, and then never hearing from them again. I think we all have experienced a form of this a time or two. We've all probably done it to others as well even if it wasn't our intent. I'd say this issue is most relatable on Facebook Marketplace and previously, Craigslist. You list something for sale and someone messages "I'm interested" and you respond asking if they have any questions about it. Then, nothing. Total silence. I think some people legitimately forget to respond, but there are definitely people who enjoy wasting other people's time. Unfortunately, Sweet Brown, somebody do got time for that.

Business Update:
Business is starting to pick up. I sent out designs to a few clients and have gotten very positive feedback from one so far. A friend of mine is celebrating her 5th year in business and so I donated a few personalized items (tumblers and mugs) for her to raffle during the party she's having at her shop. I am so happy to see the rapid growth she's had in just 5 years!

Walter (our dog) Update:
He's gotten worse. And quickly. Last night he couldn't make it up the two steps into our house from the garage. His final day is coming. It hurts so badly to look at him and know he knows. There will be more tears, but we'll be alright knowing we gathered all the information we could and gave him extra love and hugs over the last couple weeks.

Personal Update:
Trying to balance my personal/family life with the goals and obligations of my business life is a difficult task. I don't think it really is possible to "balance" the two on a daily basis. Some days are all business and others are filled with personal things that come up unexpectedly. Now, I'm not telling any adult something they don't already know, especially if they have children. But trying to grow a small business while being available for my family is hard. There are days I feel like I'm not very good at either one. I know that isn't true, but some days just feel like that, you know?

Random Thought:
I've been going to more and more different networking events lately. It's really interesting to see how each one is operated. Some are super laid-back and casual. Whereas others are extremely professional and strict (almost to the point of being another full-time job). I think the groups that work best are somewhere in the middle (like most things). If a group is too loose then either nothing gets accomplished or one person takes all the time because they happen to be a conversationalist and can go on an on before anyone notices how much time has gone by. Conversely, the strict groups can be miserable and stressful. Each meeting can feel like you're making a critical presentation to a board of uninterested millionaires. But like I said, the best groups are somewhere in the middle and you really can't know which ones are the best until you've had the worst (there are always exceptions, of course). Kind of like dating...

Please let me know in the comments if you prefer the structure of this blog vs. the first one.

What does Gray Fox say?

"Thank you"

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