What Does Gray Fox Say? - Blog 4

Business Networking:
Since my last post, I attended a new networking event that was for "men only". I am told it was a response to quite a few requests due to prior years of many "women only" events. It was put on by the Byron Center Chamber of Commerce as well as some adjacent chambers. It was at Railtown Brewing in Dutton, MI where I had the opportunity to try their beer for the first time. I chose one of their newest offerings called "Pitter Paddy" and let me tell you, I don't drink at all anymore, but that was really good! The event itself seemed very well attended and I was able to make some new contacts as well as catch up with some I met years ago when I was a photographer.

I will also be attending some new networking events this week in the Byron Center area. One of them is a "blind date" style. I'm not entirely sure how it'll go, but I'm willing to give it a shot!

New Project!:
It looks like I will get to make a project I've been pretty excited about after all! I probably shouldn't give too many details yet, but the issue with getting it made was finding a sponsor for it. I will be sure to give more details and shout out the sponsor when the time is right.

I also had a request for a couple more walnut veteran flag cases. These will be made very similarly to the one in my "custom work portfolio" on my website.

I think we've hit a level of normalcy around here lately. At first, the house was so quiet. I always expect to hear a BOOM followed by the sound of claws on our hard floors when someone would come through the front door and Walter would jump down from our bed. When I hear a sound I don't recognize at night I used to assume it was Walter, but now I feel like I have to actually investigate. We've begun giving away the things of his that we feel others may use and throwing away the things we never should have kept ourselves. Now we have these weird open areas in our living room that have no purpose. Just open spaces. And I cleaned out our Roomba and let me tell you, the wheel axles on that thing were totally spun with Walter's fur I could have made a sculpture of him from it all! Needless to say, the Roomba has a much easier time maintaining our floors and carpet now.

What does Gray Fox say?

"Thank you"


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